BLUFFTON, OH — GROB Systems Inc, a company headquartered in Germany that manufactures machining and assembly systems, has designed and created coronavirus testing booths for Ohio hospitals.

After seeing how protective booths were being used in Korea, GROB decided that something similar could be used locally. Last week, the company delivered 11 of these aluminum and Plexiglas booths were delivered to hospitals in Lima, Bluffton and Findlay.

The booth keeps the doctor and patient separated during the testing process, but it is also expected to help medical professionals use less PPE as well.

“They're in a protective booth constantly covered. So, it's saving those resources for those who are in the hospital, for the medical professionals in the hospital who need them too. And it's helping conserve the resources those hospitals are using,” says GROB Systems Sales and Marketing Assistant Emily Brock.

Though these booths aren't a product GROB has ever sold before, the engineers here knew that with a little extra work, they can help do their part in flattening the curve here in Ohio.

“Even though it is not in our day today, it's definitely in our wheelhouse with things that we can do. And you know, anyway that we can help, we're trying to find those and find our part in that,” adds Brock.

GROB Systems says they are not planning on mass producing these safety booths, but they are willing to work directly with more local hospitals to make more as needed.