MIRABEL, Quebec—Airbus is working to repurpose part of an aircraft assembly plant here that has been vacant since Bombardier ended production of the CRJ passenger jet.

In July 2018, Airbus acquired a majority stake in Bombardier’s commercial aviation business and began producing the A220 passenger jet at the Mirabel facility. But, Bombardier was still producing its regional jet, the CRJ, at part of the complex. In February 2020, Bombardier sold its remaining stake in the commercial aviation business, and production of the CRJ ended in December. Some 100,000 square feet of factory space has been vacant ever since.

Now, Airbus is taking over this part of the plant and equipping it to produce fuselages for the A220, which will then be fed to final assembly lines at Mirabel and Airbus’ factory in Mobile, AL. Among other things, workers at the new Mirabel line will install electrical wiring and floors in the fuselages. Lavatories and galleys will also be fitted. The Mirabel fuselage line is due to come into operation in 2022.

Currently, Airbus assembles three to four A220 jets each month. Eventually, the company hopes to assemble as many as 14 per month.