DUBLIN, VA—A black bear was safely removed from Volvo Trucks’ assembly plant here.

The bear was discovered June 4 in the rafters of the plant approximately 20 feet off the ground. Plant personnel immediately alerted the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR).

After assessing the situation, DWR personnel determined the odds were low that the bear would leave safely on its own and proceeded to immobilize the animal. With help from the plant’s lift equipment personnel and safety staff, a DWR worker administered a tranquilizer dart.

The bear was then lowered using a forklift and platform, and given a physical health check. It then was loaded into a carrier and taken to a suitable site for release.

“DWR would like to emphasize that the first and typical option in most scenarios involving a bear that is treed or has entered a confined space is to ensure the bear has a good escape route and to remove people or pets a far distance from the animal,” a DWR spokesperson said. “Given ample time, once the bear doesn’t feel scared or threatened, it will feel comfortable enough to leave on its own.”

The DWR determined its immobilization path would be most effective in this case due to the large number of employees on-site, the interruption to work efforts and the potential safety risk.