NEW YORK—Tesla Inc. is known for its loyal devotees who eat up every bit of news about the start-up automaker. Rats are also apparently quite fond of its electric vehicles—in particular, wiring that is insulated with a soybean-based material instead of traditional plastic.

According to a recent article in the New York Post, Tesla uses soybeans vs. oil to protect its wiring because it is “less expensive and better for the environment.” Unfortunately, that appeals to rodents. The tabloid newspaper quoted one irate Manhattan resident who claims that it has taken more than one month and cost more than $5,000 to get her Model 3 repaired.

However, Tesla is not the only automaker that has been “ratted” out recently. Owners of traditional brands such as Honda and Toyota have also reported incidents of mice, rats and other rodents nibbling on soy-coated wiring harnesses.