DOWNINGTOWN, PA—DB Cobots LLC has added 3- and 10-kilogram payload models to its lineup of Safe Skin six-axis cobots, which already includes a 5-kilogram payload model.

Dobot’s standard line of cobots are inherently safe, stopping when the arm contacts an object. The Safe Skin add-on, a custom-made silicone covering for the cobot arm, provides an additional layer of safety by allowing the robot arm to sense an object and stop before the arm touches it. When the object is removed, the arm continues on its original path.

While in safety function proximity pause mode, Safe Skin dynamically perceives any intrusive entity within an adjustable distance up to 15 centimters to the arm, responding within 0.01 second and achieving an emergency stop within 0.1 second. When the intrusive object leaves or is removed, the robot will resume its operation automatically.

The pre-collision sensing technology quickly intervenes in the cobot’s action before a collision occurs, without the need for early warning and speed reduction. In this way, it can avoid damages and fully meet the requirements of high efficiency and high safety in industrial production.

The three models in the Safe Skin line have a maximum reaching ranging from 795 to 1,525 millimeters.

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