MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—BMW AG is investing $16 million in DeepDrive, a startup manufacturer that has developed a dual-rotor motor that can extend the range of electric vehicles. 

DeepDrive’s radial flux motor includes power electronics and can be installed in any vehicle as a central drive or as an in-wheel drive. The patented device achieves high torque density, is cost-efficient to manufacture and requires fewer natural resources than alternatives.

"We believe our technology will revolutionize vehicle electrification,” says Felix Pörnbacher, CEO of DeepDrive. “With our dual-rotor technology, we are significantly more cost-effective and efficient on the road, shaping tomorrow's electromobility. The demand for our development shows that we are on the right track.”

The company is working with many top automakers are is on track to bring its technology to production by 2026.

"With its patented and unique e-motor architecture, DeepDrive could set new standards for e-mobility,” explains Marcus Behrendt, managing director of BMW i Ventures. “The highly efficient e-motors offer major advantages in terms of weight, cost and space.

“They enable the next generation of efficient and resource-saving electric vehicles,” claims Behrendt. “DeepDrive's e-motor technology is designed for easy and cost-effective mass production. We are pleased that our involvement can help this new technology achieve a breakthrough."