ATTENDORN, Germany—GEDIA Automotive Group, a manufacturer of metal assemblies for car bodies and chassis, has ordered a new press-hardening line that will be accessible by people with disabilities. Designed by Swedish press company AP&T, the new line will enable staff with physical disabilities to monitor and manage the press-hardening process without hindrance.

“It is important for us at GEDIA to make our workplace more inclusive. [The new line is] a step in the right direction,” says Björn Müller, project manager for new machines at GEDIA.

The new line will have a larger free area in front of the control panel to accommodate a wheelchair. The panel itself will also be set lower than usual. If an unexpected occurrence arises that cannot be managed from the control panel, a colleague can be asked for help.

“We have what we call split work teams in all our production areas, so no one is ever alone,” says Müller.

The new line will be used to produce body parts for a number of car manufacturers.

“It’s extremely exciting to help [make GEDIA’s production process more] efficient and inclusive,” says Jörgen Theander, senior customer project manager at AP&T.