The Mexmill Co. (Santa Ana, CA) produces insulating blankets used in the aerospace industry. The blankets are installed between the cabin and the skin of aircraft. They keep the cabin temperatures stable when the temperature outside dips to -60 C.

The company uses the SeamMaster provided by Sonobond Ultrasonics (West Chester, PA) to produce the blankets. The product cuts and seals plastic films and synthetic fibers, such as those used to manufacture insulating blan-kets used in the aerospace industry.

This custom version of the unit features a larger and higher wheel, allowing for the increased access needed when the insulation material is being fed through the equipment. Because of the tight tolerances required by Mexmil, an operator manually feeds the blanket material.

Synthetic fabrics, such as the coated polyester film used for the insulation blankets, are suitable for ultrasonic welding. The SeamMaster channels high-frequency vibrations to the seam, creating a localized, rapid buildup of heat that causes the synthetic material to melt and fuse. The result is a strong bond.

The SeamMaster sews, seals and trims in one pass at speeds up to four Arial faster than traditional sewing machines. The need for thread and adhesive is eliminated.

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