Lasko Metal Products Inc. (West Chester, PA), a manufacturer of ventilation devices and household appliances, needed a welding method for the assembly of reservoir jugs for its humidifiers. These oddly-shaped reservoir jugs are large and can hold several gallons of fluid.

Sonobond (West Chester, PA) was contacted and installed a SureWeld welding unit. Built from machine builders modules, this welding unit has dual welding heads to accommodate the size of the finished jug. The company also needed to replace the solvent bonding method with a more reliable assembly process. According to Ralph Zwakenberg, Industrial Design manager, "Gluing was time consuming and involved excess handling of the plastic parts. We needed to speed up the process."

By developing a machine with dual welding heads, a one-step assembly was created that allows the large reservoir jug to be welded to the jug base with the push of a button. The equipment also enables the company to eliminate setup time and reduce the testing phase of the assembly process. "Now we no longer need to allow for setup time before the unit can be tested. The jugs can be tested immediately after welding," says Zwakenberg.

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