JDS Uniphase Corp. (San Jose, CA), a supplier of fiber optic components and equipment, needed a way to transfer up-to-the-minute data about plant floor operations to and from its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. With 16 plants in seven countries, the company required a single solution that could handle production operations from semiconductor fabrication, test and assembly through electronic assembly.

"We selected InSite as our manufacturing standard because it satisfied our production requirements, because it could be rapidly deployed with local adaptation for multinational manufacturing, and because of Camstar’s track record in supporting successful manufacturing implementations," says Joe Riera, CIO of JDS Uniphase.

The InSite manufacturing execution system (MES) from Camstar Inc. (Campbell, CA) provided a solution. MES software enables production managers to:

  • track products that flow across several sites.
  • view orders and quality data across multiple plants and suppliers.
  • compare quality data for the same product made in different plants.
  • synchronize multiple plants to meet demand.
  • control and distribute product and process specifications easily.
With InSite’s auditing features, managers can track the progress of specific product orders, including the date and time particular steps were completed, who completed them, and what materials and equipment were used.

For more information about MES software, call 800-237-2841 or visit http://www.camstar.com.