To fabricate its Sinergia 40 racing yachts, Sinergia Composites relies on Vantico's Araldite 2022 methacrylate adhesives.

To fabricate its Sinergia 40 racing yachts, Sinergia Composites (Cartagena, Spain) relies on Vantico’s (Los Angeles) Araldite 2022 methacrylate adhesive. This adhesive produces long-lasting bonds between thermoplastic, composite and metal substrates used in the yacht, even when exposed to diesel fuel, oil and sea water.

“We were particularly impressed with the strength of the adhesive and its good resistance to the harsh environmental conditions encountered at sea, as well as its excellent bonding properties to the wide range of substrates involved in the construction of our racing yachts,” says Jos¿oello, manager of Sineria Composites. “The bonding technology we previously used was based on polyester chemistries. Unlike Araldite 2022, the polyester chemistries were not able to withstand the intensive strain put on the bonded joints during racing. We also like the ease of application provided by the cartridge system.”

Araldite 2022 methacrylate has a 1-to-1 mix ratio that permits packaging in 50- and 400-milliliter dual-barrel cartridges. This allows for precise resin and hardener mixing, along with clean, waste-free dispensing on substrate surfaces. The adhesive requires minimal surface preparation, which reduces fabricating time. It also fills gaps of up to 4 millimeters wide. The adhesive cures in 30 minutes at room temperature. Once cured, it has lap shear strength of 3,600 psi and a peel strength of 23 pounds per linear inch. The bond can withstand a service temperature of up to 212 F.

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