Solution Sources Programming Inc. uses US Digitaltest Inc.’s MTS 500 Condor for testing.

Solution Sources Programming Inc. (San Jose, CA) is an in-circuit testing services provider, creating test programs for electronics manufacturers throughout the United States. Solution Sources Programming was looking for a new testing unit. The company finally settled on US Digitaltest Inc.’s (Concord, CA) MTS 500 Condor.

“After comparing all the major flying probers, we chose Digitaltest’s Condor because it offered a more complete solution for our customers,” says Dan Orlando, president and chairman of Solution Sources Programming. “Digitaltest has a very strong background in, and understanding of, in-circuit testing and how boards should be tested. We have the tester in use, and it is meeting our expectations. We use the tester for both test program development and low-volume testing. With the Condor, we can now offer our customers a complete suite of best-in-class test solutions.”

The MTS 500 Condor combines an in-circuit test system with functional testing capabilities. It features four identical flying test probes and up to 1,024 fixed pins. With a SMEMA-compatible conveyor and the ability to test boards up to 24 by 28 inches, the system is suitable for various production environments. The test heads ride on a frictionless air cushion system for maintenance-free X-Y positioning. The accurate and repeatable head positioning system allows probing on 6-mils pads and has movement resolution of 0.025 mil.

Its CITE software platform imports computer-aided design data, determines the best test strategy and generates the test program. The software eliminates the need for users to write test code by automatically generating and debugging test programs. Capabilities include learning test statements, calculating test coverage and program stability, and data logging. The software can also generate complex functional test structures without limiting user capabilities.

The new system will provide a comprehensive prototype and production test platform for electronics manufacturers.

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