Flat panel computer monitors are quickly gaining popularity and market share. Today's designs feature clean lines and take up less space than their conventional cathode ray tube counterparts. Because of their size and weight, they can be easily mounted on fully adjustable stands and lift systems, which help prevent eye, neck and back strain.

The Weight Adjustable Height Adjustable Stand, or WAHAS, manufactured by Constant Force Technology (Blaine, MN), is meeting this need. It provides a maximum travel lift of 5.1 inches. The monitor tilt mechanism allows for easy positioning at the correct focal distance and viewing height. An energy pivot balances the weight of the monitor and assists the user during the tilt. The mechanism meets government motion specifications, while providing lasting strength for unlimited adjustments.

Because of the strict production requirements involved, Orbitform's (Jackson, MI) WatchDawg process monitoring system, which ensures uniformity in orbital formed rivets, is being used to supervise the bracket fastening. The system's load cell measures the forming force applied to a 0.325-inch diameter semitubular rivet for precision forming. Using an eyelet peen, Orbitform's B-310 orbital riveting machine applies 1,300 pounds of force to gently roll out the steel over the plate to a height of approximately 0.15 inch. For the application the riveter maintains a rate of 1,140 revolutions per minute for a cycle time of 2.3 seconds.

The process involves mounting a forming peen in a rotating spindle, inclined at a slight angle, and focused toward the centerline of the spindle. As the peen gradually contacts the rivet, the material is moved to the desired final shape. The process permits absolute control for a firm, yet flexible joint.

Orbitform assembled the prototypes for the flat monitor stands in the United States. The fastening equipment was then sent to Dong Guan, China, where Min Aik Technology Corp. now performs final assembly. After being joined with flat screen displays manufactured by Dell, HP, Toshiba and others, the finished units are distributed worldwide.

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