BAY CITY, MI--Newcor Bay City Div. has adapted its HY-PAK single-sided projec-tion welding process to sheet aluminum applications with critical surface finish requirements.

The result of a 2-year collaboration be-tween Newcor and Alcoa, the process produces a Class A surface finish during in-process fastening and hemming of aluminum panels, such as automotive closures and appliance "show" panels. Protective coatings on the welded sur-faces are not disturbed, and there is no distortion or "read-through" on hemmed surfaces. The process can also weld directly through adhesives, with no surface cleaning necessary.

HY-PAK is a resistance welding process that combines a high-energy, short-duration, unidirectional pulse with rapid electrode follow-up. The duration of the weld current pulse is so short that the current is concentrated at the weld point and minimal heat is transmitted to the adjacent component and electrode material.

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