BG Laboratories Inc. (Binghampton, NY) manufactures space-saving miniature transformers for laptop computer modems, and the thin-wall molding capabilities and other properties of DuPont's (Wilmington, DE) Zenite LCP 7130 play a key role in the manufacturing process. Zenite LCP 7130 is a 30 percent glass-reinforced resin with a heat-deflection temperature of 552 F and UL94 V-O flammability rating.

The smallest transformers have a footprint of just 0.14 square inch and stand only 0.172 inch. These dimensions are possible because Zenite LCP 7130 can fill the bobbin's thin walls down to 0.008 inch. This maximizes winding space, and provides adequate structural strength and electrical insulation. Bobbins for other miniature transformers are equally thin, but are larger to provide additional space for windings.

The precision molding capabilities of Zenite LCP 7130 help keep bobbin dimensions on target for consistent transformer performance. The melt-flow characteristics of Zenite LCP 7130 have also allowed the development of small, close-tolerance parts. Part tolerances of ±0.002 inch are now possible.

The bobbin molder, United Technical Products (Fallsington, PA) assisted the company with its product development, and then designed and built tooling to produce the bobbins with termination pins inserted.

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