GRAND RAPIDS, MI-- Espec Corp. has posted environmental test requirements for telecommunications equipment on its Web site.

Specifically, Espec lists Telcordia's generic test standards, which are required by regional Bell operating companies. The Telcordia standards have become important as the U.S. telecommunications infrastructure is being replaced with new technology, especially fiber optics. Manufacturers must prove their new technologies according to the Telcordia standards before they can be used.

The site outlines the test profiles for outdoor network interface devices, network switching systems, fiber optic connectors, enclosures, fiber optic branching components, and long-term reliability of fiber optic branching components. For each profile, the standard describes the temperature, humidity and exposure needed to perform the test.

Telcordia, which was previously named Bellcore, was created when AT&T was broken up into regional and long-distance companies.

Espec manufactures environmental test chambers. The test information can be found at