WARRENDALE, PA--New books on digital human modeling and the history of Pratt & Whitney have been published by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Digital Human Modeling for Vehicle and Workplace Design presents seven case studies in which digital human models were used to solve different types of physical problems associated with proposed human-machine interactions, such as assembling car doors. The book was written by Don B. Chaffin, a professor of industrial and operations engineering at the University of Michigan.

Advanced Engine Development at Pratt & Whitney was written by Dick Mulready, an engineer at the company for more than 25 years. Mulready spearheaded such projects as the RL10 hydrogen rocket engine, which has been used to launch most large satellites over the past 50 years. The book also recounts the creation of eight other projects, including the Ramjet, the T-57 Turboprop and the Space Shuttle engine.

Digital Human Modeling costs $59. Advanced Engine Development costs $39. For more information, call 877-606-7323 or visit www.sae.org/bookstore.