NORTH BRANCH, NJ--Bihler of America Inc. has donated one of its B1000 midfrequency resistance welding machines to the Edison Welding Institute (EWI, Columbus, OH).

Bihler developed the resistance welder for use in conjunction with its line of stamping and forming equipment. The B1000 can weld electrical contacts up to 800 parts per minute. The device controls welding current to the millisecond, and it has algorithms for voltage, current and total power control.

The EWI is a nonprofit engineering and technology resource organization serving the welding and joining needs of industry. With more than 150 staff and a fully equipped 132,000-square-foot facility, EWI serves as an extension of a manufacturer's technical staff.

For information on resistance welders, call Bihler at 908-715-9000. For information on assembly consulting services, call the EWI at 614-688-5000.