Lockheed Martin plans to increase productivity and product quality while reducing overall costs for manufacturing activity by implementing electronic work instructions (EWI) in its Fort Worth, TX, and Marietta, GA, aeronautics manufacturing facilities. Both locations have gone live with EWI and deployed hundreds of Ergotron Inc.'s (St. Paul, MN) HD Carts to help implement the process.

Lockheed Martin is process-oriented. The company uses computers throughout its facilities so workers can quickly access information. However, the fast-paced and rugged manufacturing environment presents serious challenges for computer equipment. For this reason, Lockheed Martin turned to Ergotron and its HD Cart to maximize valuable floor space and provide mobility for easy manufacturing reconfiguration.

EWI transforms a manufacturing floor into a paperless work environment. "We expect manufacturing time spans will reduce," says Brad Leech, manager of manufacturing engineering for Lockheed Martin. "By taking paper out of the loop, we've enabled our mechanics to have the latest work instructions at their fingertips. The time to access information is reduced, and we can execute plan changes quickly."

To implement EWI, the HD Cart was selected as the best alternative. It allows Lockheed Martin to place its EWI software and hardware so workers can have quick and ready access to drawings and technical information.

Taking computers off a traditional workstation and putting them onto a cart not only gains mobility, but it also saves valuable space. Where floor space is at a premium, sometimes there was barely enough room for the mechanic to walk. By putting the system on a cart, all information is at the mechanic's fingertips, close to the work they're performing.

Having different shift workers using the same equipment created a need for a system that was also adjustable. Because the carts have more than one user at each station, the ability to quickly adjust for each individual's height and needs was important. The cart allows for instant adjustability for optimum ergonomic positioning.

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