Prodosyst Automation is using Adept Technology Inc. robots, vision systems and controls for its TrueFlex automated medical device assembly system.

Prodosyst Automation (San Diego) is using Adept Technology Inc. (Livermore, CA) robots, vision systems and controls for its TrueFlex automated medical device assembly system.

With frequent product changes and new product introductions, medical device manufacturers need automated systems that can be quickly adapted to new products. TrueFlex meets this need. Using high-speed robotics and vision guidance, the TrueFlex system allows parts to be fed into the assembly process without relying on dedicated bowl feeders and part-specific escapements. With Prodosyst's unique interchangeable part fixtures and preprogrammed assembly "recipes," part changeover can be easily achieved with minimum delays and risk. The design of the TrueFlex system allows easy access to all part feeders, robots and electrical panels, minimizing maintenance and downtime.

"Adept's tightly integrated robots, vision system and software allowed us to develop the TrueFlex system as a truly flexible automated parts feeding and assembly system that can be easily deployed," says David Stroup, chairman and chief technology officer of Prodosyst Automation. "With Adept's powerful robot and vision products and Prodosyst's extensive medical device assembly experience, we believe the TrueFlex system offers manufacturers an easy-to-support assembly system that enables rapid product changeover and quickly adapts to product changes with minimum downtime and retooling costs."

The TrueFlex system incorporates a Cobra s600, SmartServo architecture, AdeptVision sAVI and ObjectFinder. The Adept Cobra s600 robot includes an embedded multichannel amplifier for simple integration and easy use. It also has advanced options for vision-guided motion, conveyor tracking and auxiliary axes. Using SmartServo architecture replaces hundreds of wires and connections with a single FireWire (IEEE-1394) cable and allows multiple robots to be controlled and coordinated from one controller. AdeptVision sAVI includes the Adept ObjectFinder vision locator tool, which recognizes multiple objects and patterns regardless of orientation and scale.

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