Captive Plastics Inc. (Piscataway, NJ), a custom and stock bottle and cap supplier, was incorporating a new machine into its production process. Guarding was needed to enclose the machine and create a protective environment. The guarding would be raised and lowered to allow for manipulation of the head, which allows for different plastic configurations to be created. The requirements were very specific. The guarding must be lightweight, due to the overhung load, and rigid to withstand continuous movement. The piece's odd shape also requires 60-degree angles.

FlexLink Systems Inc. (Bethlehem, PA) was contacted. Its aluminum structural XF and clear Lexan now creates the guarding. The XF beam structure is lightweight yet strong, with rounded edges and covered T-slots for aesthetics. The T-slot design allows for the 60-degree corner profiles.

The enclosure connector kit, XFE30, is mounted directly into the profile with an M6 tapping screw. When the profile is inserted into the framework, the T-connector will automatically turn into position in the T-slot when the setscrew is tightened, thus providing a strong end connection without needing angle brackets. This allows for complete Lexan coverage without notching.

For more information on structural components, call FlexLink Systems Inc. at 800-782-1399, visit or Reply 4.