YAVNE, ISRAEL--A new company has been created to develop high-speed, global engineering collaboration software.

Called e4eNet Inc., the company will offer secure, Web-based software and services that will enable electronics OEMs and contract manufacturers to connect engineering work groups, design teams, buyers and suppliers through the supply chain, regardless of location, language and time zone. The subscription-based software will serve as a virtual engineering project area for all supply chain members to view, share and communicate product data in real time, using standard Internet browsers.

The company will also provide software for specific global engineering functions, project management, tracking, real-time video and file sharing. Users will be able to store data, manage change, track decisions, conduct real-time meetings, and organize and view data from CAD, CAM, product data management and enterprise resource planning software.

Communications throughout the electronics industry are mixed and unstructured, based on dissimilar systems that are inefficient and unconnected, says Leigh Eichel, president of e4eNet. "Evaluations have shown us that by improving user productivity and supply chain communications, and by streamlining the new product introduction process, significant increases in revenue can be realized," he says.

For more information, visit www.e4eNet.com.