BRUSSELS, Belgium-A group of European automotive manufacturers and fuel suppliers have formed what is being called the Alliance for Synthetic Fuels in Europe to promote "sustainable mobility" in Europe.

Founding members of the alliance include DaimlerChrysler, Renault, Royal Dutch Shell, Sasol Chevron and the Volkswagen group. Synthetic fuels are seen as being central to the group's goal of reducing the environmental impact of road transport through improved energy efficiency.

"Synthetic fuels can deliver a cleaner fuel future. Synthetic fuels can meet concerns about security and diversity of supply. Synthetic fuels can deliver real emissions reductions today, and this will improve even more as the technology develops," says George Couvaras, CEO of Sasol Chevron.

"Synthetic fuels are now a reality, and Europe must work together to deliver the cleaner transport future that these fuels make possible," agrees Luc-Alexandre Menard, senior vice president of public affairs at Renault.