SANTA CLARA, CA-Intel Corp. has opened a third factory that uses the company's high-volume 65-nanometer (65nm) computer chip manufacturing process. The new facility, located in Leixlip, Ireland, cost about $2 billion and is one of the most advanced semiconductor plants in the world.

"Intel is establishing a clear technology lead with our next generation of dual-core processors, [and] our manufacturing capability is key to fueling Intel's success," says Intel CEO, Paul Otellini.

Intel's 65nm technology roughly doubles transistor density compared to what was possible with the previous generation of computer chips. This, in turn, allows for dramatically increased performance. According to Otellini, the fact that Intel already has three plants manufacturing chips of this kind is a testament to the company's abilities in this area.

"Intel's ability to ramp advanced 65nm silicon technology into high-volume production in three factories clearly sets us apart," he says.