Laser Design Inc. (Minneapolis) manufactures ultra-precise, 3-D laser scanning systems that are used to capture the shape of objects with complex geometries and free-form surfaces.

For its new FA series of scanners, Laser Design decided to implement the FaroArm from FARO Technologies Inc. (Lake Mary, FL) to take advantage of the arm’s length and precision positioning capabilities.

According to Laser Design President, C. Martin Schuster, the FaroArm’s 4- to 12-foot reach adds functionality to his company’s scanning probes by allowing users to transport the portable scanner right to the part. This is a significant benefit for companies that prefer keeping parts in-house for confidentiality purposes, as well as for companies whose parts are too large or too difficult to move, such as those in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Laser Design offers a range of what it calls its Surveyor Laser Probes (SLP), including the SLP-330, SLP-450 and SLP-2000. The different models offer varying laser lengths to facilitate scanning of small or large parts. The SLP-2000, for example, provides an 8-inch-long laser line.

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