Energy efficiency is a hot topic these days in many different industries, including foodservice equipment. But, despite numerous advantages, several barriers prevent companies from investing in energy-efficient products, such as limited funding, uncertainty about future energy prices, government incentives, and energy and climate legislation.

“Business leaders across the U.S. are increasingly aware of the need for energy efficiency and its potential to reduce operating costs while cutting greenhouse gas emissions,” says C. David Myers, president of building efficiency division of Johnson Controls Inc. “Economic and regulatory uncertainty, however, are inhibiting organizations from investing in proactive measures.”

According to a recently study conducted by Johnson Controls, 71 percent of business leaders are now paying more attention to energy efficiency than they were one year ago. Eighty five percent of respondents believe that federal legislation mandating energy efficiency or carbon reduction is likely within the next two years.

Survey participants also were asked about on-site renewable energy technologies. Respondents said they are considering a wide range of technologies, including wind, solar thermal, solar electric and geothermal sources of energy.