To expand its capacity, Ningbo Solar Electric Power Co. recently acquired eight PV1200 metallization lines from DEK Solar.

As green energy initiatives become more popular, solar panels are in big demand. Ningbo Solar Electric Power Co. is a major player in the photovoltaic industry.

To expand its capacity, the Chinese company recently acquired eight PV1200 metallization lines from DEK Solar. Ningbo Solar purchased the equipment following an extensive evaluation period that yielded impressive results.

Led by Speed Yan, DEK’s China service manager, installation was so efficient that DEK was able to hand over the line in two weeks. Soon after the first installation, Ningbo Solar placed an order for seven more lines.

The PV1200 line is a full metallization system for commercial solar cell production. It features a screen printer and a loader-unloader, in addition to buffering, inspection and wafer flipping equipment. The printer can deposit features ranging from low-resistivity bus bars to current collectors that are less than 100 microns wide.

“Having looked at several options to support production expansion, our decision to purchase solar lines from DEK was based on a number of compelling factors,” says Zhou Jianhong, president of Ningbo Solar. “DEK was able to offer us a complete metallization solution backed by lead times of weeks, rather than months, a major productivity driver that obviously appealed to our team.“

“Offering Six Sigma process capability at a resolution of ±12.5 microns, the lines were fully equipped to achieve the advanced repeatability and accuracy we needed-essential to uphold the quality production for which we are recognized worldwide,” adds Jianhong. “Other factors, such as the compact footprint of individual lines, along with DEK’s attitude to service and support, confirmed to us that this was the right option to support our customer base.”

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