Cosmetics containers that catch the eye of the consumer also need to be produced efficiently. Packaging manufacturer Geka Brush has turned to delta robots to pack caps for mascara bottles, saving the company money and increasing production.

At its plant in Bechhofen, Germany, Geka produces caps for mascara bottles on a high-speed automated assembly line. The system presses screw-tops into decorative covers, then welds the brushes into place. Originally, the caps were deposited onto a conveyor at the end of the line, where an operator would place them into a plastic tray. When the tray was full, the operator covered it with a thin plastic sheet and loaded it into a box. This preserves the glossy surface finish of the caps.

However, the person packing the caps could not keep up with the system’s output. Geka needed a way to automate the packaging step, as well. The company found an answer in the IRB 340 Flexpicker, a delta robot from ABB Robotics.

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