Since August 2008, the Carnival Splendor has cruised the waters of the Bahamas, Carribean, Europe and South America—bringing thousands of passengers to destinations such as Barbados, Italy, Finland and Argentina during two- to 18-day cruises.

Like many cruise ships, the Splendorhas a capacity of more than 3,000 passengers and amenities such as luxurious restaurants, giant swimming pools and a multilevel theater. It was built by Fincantieri Cantieri Navali Intaliani (FCNI) S.p.A., the largest shipbuilder in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.

Distinctive features of the Splendorinclude the largest indoor spa on any Carnival Corp. & plc ship. The spa encompasses two forward decks and features an elaborate thermal suite, various health and beauty treatment rooms, and Carnival’s first pool for seawater (thalasso) therapy. Encircling the spa’s upper level is a winter garden with a ceremonial tea house. The ship also features a 5,500-square-foot children’s playroom, the largest in the Carnival fleet.

Equally important, the Splendoris the first Carnival ship to specify Pan-Steel MLT ties for locking bundles of low- and middle-voltage cables. Made by Panduit Corp., the stainless steel 304 ties feature smooth round edges and a head design that self-locks into place at any spot along the tie body to restrain cables.

Prior to the Splendor, FCNI specified rubber-coated cable ties for Carnival ships to prevent damage to cable insulation and to protect assemblers and technicians from injuries during installation and maintenance. The specification also required that the ties comply with international shipbuilding standards.

Several cable-tie manufacturers met with FCNI regarding the Splendor. During its meeting, Panduit presented FCNI with test results showing that its MLT ties are just as safe as rubber-coated ties. The supplier said the ties also provide quicker installation and related cost savings.

Needing its own data, FCNI’s technological development office performed a series of tests on the ties at its laboratory and had contractors install the ties. The office also calculated the ROI on MLT ties and compared it to that of rubber-coated ties. All test results and ROI analysis verified Panduit’s claims.

Shortly thereafter, FCNI specified three types of Pan-Steel ties—totaling 120,000—for the Splendor: MLT2H-LP, MLT4EH-LP and MLT4SH-LP.

Heavy-duty MLT2H-LP ties are 7.9 inches long, 0.31-inch wide and 0.01-inch thick. They provide a minimum loop tensile strength of 450 pounds on cable bundles from 0.5-to 2-inches in diameter. Extra-heavy-duty MLT4EH-LP ties are 0.5-inch wide, 17.1 inches long and 0.01-inch thick. They provide a minimum loop tensile strength of 600 pounds on bundles from 1 to 4 inches diameter. Super-heavy-duty MLT4SH-LP ties are 0.63-inch wide, 17.1 inches long and 0.015-inch thick. They provide a minimum loop tensile strength of 900 pounds on bundles from 1 to 4 inches diameter.

FCNI workers installed the ties with Panduit’s handheld RT2HT, ST2MT and HTMT installation tools. The tools feature an adjustable tension-control mechanism that increases repeatability and reliability.

Impressed with the easy installation and solid performance of the ties on the Splendor, FCNI specified MLT ties for all future Carnival cruise ships, including the Dream, Magic, Breeze and Vista (set to sail in 2016).

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