The Baltec HPP-25 is based on a revolutionary new hardware and intelligent software; this system offers users a broader application spectrum for continuous quality assurance allowing for effective monitoring of any riveting variable in assembly applications. 

The HPP-25 process controller is comprised of a microprocessor control system as part of a Baltec riveting machine control. This new, extremely user-friendly system with touch screen interface has been designed to work with an even wider range of applications. 

Previous system functions were re-evaluated and consequently optimized or fully redesigned to improve set up, programming and user-comfort standards enormously. These features have resulted in numerous user benefits, for example: A maximum 6 program-modes, 63 rivet program storage capacity; rivet spindle speed display, sensor calibration adaptable to mode of operation (e.g. riveting from below); hiding of unwanted data or functions; USB and Ethernet interfaces for data recording and processing; collection of all relevant riveting process parameters via data logging with each parameter being selectable as a “controlling parameter” and a lot more features beside. 

The industry-proven projection control and Auto-Compensation modules are also available. The projection control option is no longer restricted to merely monitoring rivet projection; it can now collect and analyze other process data as well. The innovative Auto-Compensation module is directly connected to the rivet projection control and can automatically compensate for high part tolerances. The projection control option can produce constantly impressive rivets and connections even with high deviations in rivet lengths or rivet projection.

In addition, for small and microscopic riveting process the HPP -25 can be utilized for low pressure applications providing greater control of process variables than ever before possible used in forming and assembly applications where the forming force is as low as .05-1.5 KN. Based on the patented technology of the HPP-25 software the reduced force riveting system allows for the substitution of wide-tolerance, cold-formed rivets in applications that previously demanded close-tolerance machined rivets. Potential cost savings to the user are tremendous.

This saving potential is an excellent reason for investing in the HPP-25 rivet process control system and the Auto-Compensation option. It is also worth mentioning the fact that the flexible Auto-Compensation can be used for other pairs of parts that tend to have high part tolerances, such as connection parts with different thickness or multi-layered sheet metal. BalTec’s leadership in riveting process control with the HPP-25 process controller provides an enormous competitive advantage - without enormous investments - not only to automotive suppliers but also to manufacturers in other industries.


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