Instant, reliable communication amongst plant managers is essential for them to coordinate and optimize their facility’s productivity and efficiency. Even a slight delay in relaying information can prevent a company from achieving these goals, especially if the delay results in unplanned downtime for equipment retooling or maintenance.

The owners of Rice, TX-based Casita Travel Trailers—which have made fuel-efficient fiberglass trailers since 1983—are well aware of this. For many years, the family-owned company has relied on the latest technology to help managers communicate better. In 2015, for example, plant managers there began using wireless switch devices in conjunction with their portable devices and headsets to help streamline operations.

“I tested a bunch of different ones [switch devices] to see how reliable they are connection-wise through the Bluetooth and how long their batteries last,” explains Jerrod Davis, IT director at Casita. “Most of them did not [do well]. In fact, sometimes the [device activate] button just fell out while using it.”

One wireless model that did do well was the BT-PTT2-ZD made by PRYME Radio Products. Davis says it is durable enough to withstand extensive use day after day and still perform optimally. The switch also features a lithium ion battery pack that provides more than 12 hours of service on a single charge.

Throughout the Casita plant floor, managers walk around with a headset on, a tablet or smartphone in one hand, and the switch device in the other hand or clipped to their clothing. When one manager needs to communicate with another, he simply presses the switch-device button, which opens the Zello push-to-talk app on his device and immediately connects it to his headset.

The device has a maximum working range of more than 30 feet, works well with many headset models and is compatible with all PrymeBlu Bluetooth adapters. A built-in USB jack enables managers to charge the switch from any USB port. In addition, they can monitor battery life and wireless connection link status via a multifunction LED indicator.

“Their performance has been great, and we haven’t had to order any replacements,” notes Davis.

Every Casita trailer features top and bottom molded-fiberglass sections that are aligned to each other and joined to a heavy-duty steel frame. The fiberglass is lightweight, rust proof and easy to clean, while the frame is designed to withstand traveling over rough roads and terrain. The trailer also has an aerodynamic design that enhances wind-resistance.

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