Cleco® has been a leader in industrial tools for decades. Our drive to provide the best solutions in the marketplace ultimately led to the development of our Cleco Software Solutions platform.

With an ever-increasing demand to increase production efficiency and reduce overall product defects, manufacturers are now looking for new solutions to make their manufacturing processes better. With IIoT increasing in adoption, Cleco is launching the Tightening Parameter Server, software that will help assure that the assembly process is using the latest and greatest tightening applications and parameters. It provides 100% traceability of who, when, what and why parameters were changed.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the system that controls how and when all of the devices on a plant floor work.

When an engineer needs to make a parameter change today, the engineer has to make the changes on the production floor. Making changes in multiple production locations provides even further opportunity for errors. (fig.1)

Using Cleco’s Tightening Parameter Server provides the ability to create and test in a lab environment prior to releasing into production. Assuring that you have the best quality manufacturing process possible. (fig. 2)

Having the Cleco Tightening Parameter Server enables the controller to have a virtually endless number of applications stored while also ensuring the correct application is being used each time. (fig. 3)

Increased Uptime:

• Application archiving & rollback capabilities

• Monitors use and location of all applications

Improved Productivity:

• Reduced configuration time in production

• Application archiving & rollback capabilities

Quality Improvement:

• Visibility & traceability for all changes

• Change management capabilities