As a leading manufacturer of precision presses, SCHMIDT Technology offers the most complete line of hand-operated presses in the industry. Whether you’re performing a simple assembly or an intricate assembly process with demanding tolerances, we have a standard hand press or a highly sophisticated hand-operated pressing system that will most likely meet your needs. We offer Rack & Pinion and Toggle Presses with forces up to 5,000 lbs.

Standard Hand Presses         

Like all SCHMIDT presses, our standard hand presses offer flexibility through adjustable ram strokes, adjustable working heights and built-in positive stops. Precision is provided by guided non-rotating rams, ram and table bores with tight tolerances that are accurately aligned to each other and micrometer adjustment mechanisms. Yet, in order to have a quality assembly process, the operator must fully complete the stroke. This is where the SCHMIDT® Return Stroke Lock Device comes into play. When added to a SCHMIDT hand press, this device will not let either the spring return press handle or the ram return to its starting positions until the end of a complete ram stroke.

When an operator performs the physical task of manually powering a press, ergonomics is always a concern. Plus a comfortable operator will normally achieve higher production outputs. In response, we developed ergonomic handles that attach to our standard handle and provide a more comfortable grip and a horizontal pulling motion. These ergonomic handles have a non-slip grip and can be rotated around the original handle to a position that best suits the operator. Reverse handled toggle presses where the handle is positioned next to the loading area are also available. Instead of rotating an arm and shoulder upward to pull the handle, operators horizontally pull the handle toward their body. Finally, certain press models can be retrofitted with a gear ratio system that reduces the handle rotation required to perform the operation.       

System Provides Cycle Permissive Process Control 

Although our toggle presses can be equipped with a return stroke lock device, what happens if a part is not loaded into the tooling? The operator can pull the handle and complete the stroke, but unfortunately, the end result is a bad part. When small parts are involved in the assembly, missing parts can be a problem. To resolve this issue, our return stroke lock can be modified by adding a pneumatic cylinder, a pneumatic package and a small PLC to the device. Up to five parts presence sensors can then be attached to the tooling. After a part is loaded into the tooling, each sensor sends an input to the PLC. Once all inputs are received, the return stroke lock releases the handle. The operator must then complete the stroke in order for the handle to return to its home position.

As part of a workforce safety plan, this device can include a cycle start button that forces the operator to remove their free hand from the assembly process. Although the operator is not forced to keep their hand out of the pressing area during the full stroke of the press, it does compel the operator to remove their free hand to activate the press.

ManualPress 300 Series Controls & Monitors Assembly Process

For customers that need the ultimate hand-powered assembly press, our 300 Series Presses are the perfect choice. These cost-effective presses offer the same process monitoring normally associated with servo presses including 100% process verification and complete force and stroke monitoring. They are equipped with an integrated PLC, load cell, electro-magnet, programmable clutch and are operated and controlled by our PressControl 600.

The PressControl can also use tooling sensors to verify parts presence. Preset user criteria for that particular part must be met or the system does not activate the clutch, which attaches the handle to the press ram. Once the handle is pulled, the electro-magnet system serves as the return stroke lock, requiring the operator to complete the ram stroke. Results for each press cycle are automatically captured and compared against user-defined force/distance windows and stroke tolerances providing pass/fail indications to the operator. If a part does not pass, the clutch stays disengaged until the system is reset.

For additional process control, a SCHMIDT Speed Control regulates the speed in which the operator pulls the handle to provide more consistency between operators. The system can also detect and stop the pressing operation if a force is reached too early in the stroke (part too tall) or too late in a stroke (part too short), thereby preventing bad parts. The system can also be programmed to keep the ram in the extended position if a part fails the user-defined process. The operator must then reset the system to remove the part.

Our 300 Series Presses can automatically collect and using our FileXchange Software export press production data to your data storage systems. This data can be employed to satisfy vendor-certification requirements or to demonstrate proof of regulatory compliance.

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