As a leading manufacturer of precision presses, SCHMIDT Technology offers the most complete line of assembly presses in the industry including a wide range of hydro-pneumatic presses. Our standard Hydro-Pneumatic Presses and our highly advanced 300 Series Hydro-Pneumatic Press Systems are known worldwide for their flexibility, high degree of precision and construction features that ensure long service life. They are used in simple, manual workstations, semi-automated workcells and fully automated assembly lines. In this article, we will discuss how our hydro-pneumatic presses can help you improve manufacturing efficiency, boost productivity, increase process reliability and elevate quality assurance.

Hydro-Pneumatic Presses…
Fast Approach Stroke, Controlled Power Stroke

Each hydro-pneumatic press cycle includes a pneumatic low force approach stroke, a hydraulic power stroke that takes place when the ram meets the resistance of an assembly component and a pneumatic return stroke. The smooth transition from the relatively low force of the rapid approach stroke to the high force of the power stroke results in a consistent, impact-free pressing process. This is particularly advantageous for applications where a high impact force could damage the components. Hydro-Pneumatic Presses are perfect for assembling components, pressing, riveting, staking, swaging, crimping, forming/bending and marking.

Our hydro-pneumatic press product line consists of five C-Frame bench-top units with output forces ranging from 3,375 lbs. to 22,480 lbs. and two H-Frame units that generate forces ranging from 22,480 lbs. to 49,460 lbs. and provide a more sizable work area for larger tooling. Both press styles offer easily changeable working heights and perform at a low noise level (<75dBA).

The standard control system for our hydro-pneumatic presses is the SCHMIDT® PressControl 75. This controller offers quick setup via an easy-to-use touchscreen monitor, easy programming of press parameters, rapid changeover, and it can store up to 24 part-specific programs.

To provide precision ram guidance and tooling alignment, our hydro-pneumatic presses rely on either anti-rotational rectangular rams, which are precisely guided by adjustable, maintenance-free Teflon-lined gibs, or precision-ground round rams locked against rotation. These features also protect the hydro-pneumatic cylinder from side loading which helps prevent leaking cylinders.

Each press has a precision ground fixture mounting surface with precision centering bore and one or more T-slots for precise tooling placement. And each ram has a precision bore for accurate tool holding. Ram and table bores are accurately aligned to each other for easy and accurate positioning of tooling.

300 Series Presses Control & Monitor Assembly Process

Do you have an application that requires you to control the pressing process and to monitor every aspect of the operation, measuring both force and distance? Or do you need to know if the ram reached a certain position and whether the right amount of force was applied? SCHMIDT® 300 Series Hydro-Pneumatic Presses equipped with our PressControl 600 can meet your needs. Our cost-effective 300 Series Presses offer the same monitoring normally associated with servo presses including 100% process verification. If your application does not require pressing to an exact force but to a force level within an acceptable tolerance range, the 300 Series Hydro-Pneumatic Press is a better choice than a more precise but significantly more expensive servo press. However, force must be carefully monitored during each press cycle. The PressControl will automatically do this as well as track the ram position, measure force and distance, and compare the results against user-defined parameters. Performance results are instantly displayed on the touchscreen monitor for your operator to evaluate. All parameters must be met or a visual and/or audible alarm is set off. In addition, the system can be programmed to automatically lock down thereby requiring a reset in order to run again. Corrective action can be taken immediately thus reducing scrapped assemblies and minimizing rework.

Since all parts have manufacturing tolerances, our MovTol Software will automatically compensate for these tolerance variances. For example, the height of parts can vary but still be within the acceptable tolerance range, so the force/distance curve shifts. To compensate, the user-defined parameters will be adjusted by a synchronous side-to-side shift.

The PressControl can be custom programmed to control secondary automation operations like sliding tables and indexing systems. Tooling sensors can be added to verify that all parts to be assembled are present and correctly positioned before the press cycle can be initiated.

Performance Data Supports Quality Assurance

Our 300 Series Hydro-Pneumatic Presses offer you an efficient way to automatically collect performance data. Using our PC-based FileXchange Software, the PressControl can export to your data storage system performance data such as process results, tolerances and curves in a .csv, .xml or .crv/tol file format. Performance data can also be imported into SCHMIDT® DataBase software. This performance data can then be used to ensure that internal quality standards are being met, to satisfy vendor-certification requirements or to demonstrate proof of regulatory compliance.

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