Ensuring that every product is a high-quality one has been a standard practice at the VIP-VIRANT Group (VVG) since it opened its doors in Komenda, Slovenia, in 1995. Initially, the company made cable harnesses and connection cables. Soon after, the company also began making mechatronic assemblies and circuit board assemblies.

In 2013, the VVG looked to improve the volume, product quality and traceability of the PCB assembly line at its main production plant in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The company installed several new pieces of equipment on the fully integrated line, including a screen printer, an automatic optical inspection machine, a solder paste inspection machine, a nitrogen reflow oven and two chip mounters.

Loaders, transport systems and linked repairing stations are also part of the assembly line. JUKI makes the printer, inspection machine, mounters and loaders. All line equipment is networked with traceability and quality management software from Cogiscan Inc.

The JUKI GL stencil screen printer uses a patented algorithm to ensure high accuracy print alignment of 01005 board components. It automatically controls PCB thickness and features front and rear floating print heads that are self-adjusting, motorized and programmable. A wiper system and lift table come standard as well.

VVG likes the JUKI RV-1 machine because it is easy to program and features a clear vision capturing system that’s capable of inspection as quick as 0.14 second per frame. Optional accessories allow for 3D inspection, central confirmation control and statistical process control.

Both JUKI mounters are modular, and offer both high productivity and flexibility. They have a compact footprint (1.25 meters) and use single- or dual-lane conveyors to handle boards.

Cogiscan’s Track, Trace and Control (TTC) software provides complete traceability from the screen printer up to the finished product. This includes traceability of the component lots, consumables and tooling used for each PCB serial number, as well as PCB identification and component quantity tracking. 

The upgraded assembly line provides VVG operators with complete process control. They can quickly validate equipment setup and the correct work program, easily change the process parameters on the printer and reflow oven, and fully collect results from the inspection systems. These enhanced capabilities enabled VVG to win a 2013 international call for bids from the Volkswagen group.

VVG consists of three companies. DALMEC makes efficient and economical handling systems and manipulators. Panoptik offers optical inspection devices and special purpose machines. Lumenova provides light-system components and energy-saving light systems for indoor and outdoor production areas. VVG has more than 400 employees at 12 locations worldwide.

Over the past 20 years, Cogiscan has become an industry leader in factorywide TTC solutions for PCB assembly. The company regularly partners with manufacturers to help them with the complete assembly of electronic products, including box build. For more information, call 450-534-2644 or visit www.cogiscan.com.

JUKI offers a full range of surface-mount equipment for PCB assembly. Machines perform screen printing, component placement, soldering, handling, inspection and storage management. To learn more, call 919-460-0111 or visit www.juki-smt.com.