CHICAGO—China-based CRRC Sifang America has begun to implement its $1.3 billion contract to build more than 800 new 700-series trains for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) at a $100 million factory on the city's far south side. Ten of the trains are due by the end of the year.
“We check for visual defects, sharp edges, scratches, cuts and tears," says Dave Carline, manufacturing quality engineer. "We also make sure the openings are smooth.”
The trains feature all the modern comforts, including air condition and nice seats. Underneath the train, there are nearly 8,000 wires that have been individually connected.
CRRC's long-term goal is to build 10 trains a month. The CTA will test the first 10 prototypes for a full year before giving the green light on the rest of their order of 846 trains.