DETROIT—More than 100 automotive supplier companies have enacted some form of temporary layoffs affecting up to 12,000 salaried and hourly employees in the United States, as the United Auto Workers' strike against General Motors Co. enters its fourth week. East Lansing, MI's Anderson Economic Group estimates the walkout of 46,000 hourly GM employees has led to $412 million in lost direct wages from strikers and suppliers during the first three weeks.
GM has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in earnings, according to analysts and economists. Its ability to minimize the impact of the strike will hinge on how quickly it can get production lines up and running again.
On Monday, GM closed its Ramos Engine plant in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, putting 415 employees out of work. With that addition, more than 10,000 non-UAW-GM employees in Ohio, Mexico and Ontario have been impacted by the strike.