BUSAN, South Korea — Jenax, a manufacturer of thin lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, says that its non-flammable liquid electrolytes solves the problem of batteries catching fire or exploding in extremely hot temperatures or when short circuited. This technology can be employed to improve safety in electric vehicles and wearables.

Once the liquid electrolyte is incorporated into Jenax batteries, they can bend in many directions and won’t leak or harm people if cut or punctured. This capability makes them suitable for wearables where puncturing may be an issue. Jenax also plans to offer hardware designers and manufacturers the ability to use liquid- and/or gel polymer-based batteries.

“Liquid is the best conductor for ionic movement, which means it delivers the best battery performance," says EJ Shin, director of Jenax. "But, because liquid can also be a tremendous fire hazard, many manufacturers try to use solid state electrolyte instead. They sacrifice efficiency and, in the case of wearables, comfort and usability, for safety. With our non-flammable electrolyte, we’re providing the peace of mind manufacturers and consumers need with the high performance they deserve.”