SPRING HILL, TN — General Motors said it will lay off 680 workers at its Tennessee assembly plant and eliminate the facility's third shift are due to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement about the plant, General Motors said it believes the best way to react to the unforeseen change in market conditions due to COVID-19 is to reduce output and continue to operate on two shifts effective immediately.

The layoffs are effective July 31. The plant employs 3,700 people total and has union representation through the United Auto Workers.

“This adjustment allows the plant to maintain stable production, protect the value of our brands in any sales environment, and to provide the smallest impact to plant employment going forward,” says GM spokeswoman Katy Teer.

GM and other automakers temporarily shut down U.S. factories starting in March due to COVID-19. The Spring Hill facility's first shift went back on May 18, and the second shift returned June 1.