Aesthetics matter in many venues of life, with retail being one of the most common. For example, an effective point-of-sale (POS) display can greatly enhance a product’s appearance and its customer appeal.

High Point, NC-based VAULT has been manufacturing POS stands for tablet devices since 2011. In business for more than 20 years, the company also makes tablet enclosures and wall mounts. These products extend device life and are modular in design, enabling end-users to pair multiple devices with a diverse set of add-ons and accessories.

In 2019, VAULT decided to reorganize its business operations because the legacy equipment being used at the time did not meet the company’s key performance indicators. First, the company needed to improve the speed of its stand manufacturing process. VAULT also wanted to optimize its product design and customization capabilities.

For the first challenge, the company purchased a ProJet 7000 3D printer in December 2019. This high-definition stereolithography (SLA) printer from 3D Systems Inc. is used throughout the stand manufacturing process: from preproduction and proof of concept, to final concept, and mold and tooling creation.

VAULT managers especially like that the ProJet is capable of high-volume production and using a wide variety of materials. Another benefit is its 3D Sprint software, which lets end-users prepare, optimize and print 3D CAD data, as well as quickly design and print high-quality parts.

The printer can print a single large-sized prototype, or a series of smaller prototypes, patterns and end-use parts up to 380 by 380 by 250 millimeters. All parts are accurate throughout the entire build platform, and reproducible down to 0.05 millimeter, depending on geometry, orientation and build mode.

3D Systems’ Accura ClearVue material significantly improves the ability of VAULT engineers to optimize the product-design customization process. A clear resin designed for SLA 3D printing, Accura ClearVue simulates the properties and appearance of polycarbonate and ABS.

The resin is specifically formulated for ease-of-use processing, excellent detail and a smooth surface finish. Its strength, durability and moisture resistance make it a high-performing and cost-effective choice for aesthetic and functional prototypes of consumer goods, and automotive, aerospace and medical components.

Earlier this year, the advanced 3D printer and resin material enabled VAULT to develop, present and get approval on a fully functional prototype from a multibillion-dollar customer in two weeks’ time. Equally important, the 3D Systems products have accelerated VAULT’s tool manufacturing, post-operation and packaging design; and eliminated miscommunication among all of its customers and manufacturing personnel.

Founded in 1983 by Chuck Hull, 3D Systems is the first company to offer SLA 3D printers. Its current lineup includes the ProJet 7000 and 6000 series (for small to medium parts), and the ProX 800 and 950 models.

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