OYSTER BAY, NY—After years of hype and hoopla, 2021 may finally be the year that electric vehicles go mainstream. According to a recent report by ABI Research, the year ahead will kickstart a decade of growing EV adoption. The tech market advisory firm predicts that EV sales will “move from a rounding error of total new vehicle shipments to over a quarter of new vehicles shipping in 2030.”

“This transition from niche to mainstream will be built on the introduction of low-cost EV models that satisfy the typical mileage requirements at an acceptable price point,” says James Hodgson, smart mobility and automotive principal analyst at ABI Research. “As EV owners shift from the legacy of environmentally conscious, enthusiastic technology-first adopters to more typical automotive consumers, OEMs will need to develop more innovative approaches to the life cycle management of EVs.

“Smart charging technologies, support for occasional DC fast charging, and battery management will be critical in supporting mainstream consumers in their transition from ICEs to EV ownership,” claims Hodgson.