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Collaborative automation using cobots or lightweight industrial robots is transforming processes and productivity at metal and machine shops of all sizes. Easy to use, low cost, and flexible enough to handle high-mix, low-volume production, collaborative automation also has a small footprint, ensuring a great fit with your existing shop layout.

Is your machine shop facing labor shortages for essential jobs such as machine tending, welding, surface finishing, and packaging? Collaborative automation provides an easy and effective way to overcome labor challenges –without the cost and complexity associated with traditional industrial robots.

OnRobot’s range of flexible, all electric, plug-and-play peripherals, allows you to quickly deploy and redeploy collaborative automation on multiple jobs, parts, or processes, exactly where –and when-- you need it.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to slow ROI: Collaborative automation offers fast return on investment typically in well under a year.

In this white paper, OnRobot provides answers to the most common questions about collaborative automation, from which applications to automate, how to fit your robot on the shop floor, how to achieve high-mix, low-volume production success and how collaborative automation can help with employee safety.

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