FREEPORT, IL—Forging is a production process often associated with the heavy metal days of manufacturing’s past. But, Anchor Harvey, a leading aluminum forging company, is staking its future on electric vehicles. In fact, the company recently launched a new Electric Vehicle Workgoup to produce lightweight components, such as battery boxes, control arms, drive shafts, hubs, motor housings, shocks, steering knuckles, suspensions and yokes.

“As demand increases for hybrid and fully-electric vehicles, [we] will assist auto manufacturers in delivering a cleaner, safer and smarter future,” says Tom Lefaivre, president of Anchor Harvey. “With the introduction of our EV Workgroup, we are working to push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology, manufacturing and performance to new levels with stronger, lighter, quality aluminum components.”

“[We will draw from our] technological leadership and century-long experience in forging components for the automobile and motorsports industries,” claims Lefaivre. “Investments over the past several years to incorporate cutting-edge data acquisition systems, digital monitoring processes, and preventative and predictive maintenance services have positioned [us] with a competitive advantage in creating the precision-forged components that are critical to the success of the EV industry.”