TURIN, Italy—Comau UK and Ilika plc are collaborating on a 12-month project to design the scale up of Ilika’s solid-state battery manufacturing capacity at its lab-based facility in Romsey, UK. The initial aim is to cost-effectively increase the production of Ilika’s battery cells from 1 kilowatt-hour per week to 10 killowatt-hours per week. Comau will also conduct a feasibility study of the customer’s Goliath solid-state technology process.

This Advanced Propulsion Centre project highlights Comau’s continued investments in the electrification sector, and leverages its more than 45 years of expertise in automation and digitalization technologies. The project also allows Ilika to select and source the optimal combination of systems that can help them meet aggressive throughput and time-to-market goals. Comau’s international network spanning 14 countries also allows it to design a standardized solution that can be easily reproduced around the world.

“We are honored to be working with Ilika to bridge the gap between prototype manufacturing and commercial production of next-generation batteries,” emphasizes John Coombes, managing director at Comau UK. “Our progressive approach to simultaneous engineering, along with cutting-edge investments further strengthen our ability to speed development of promising new technologies.”

“Comau is a leader in industrial automation and plant design with a strong track record in the battery industry. This project represents an exciting opportunity to work with their experts in designing a robust and scalable manufacturing strategy for our Goliath solid state batteries,” adds Graeme Purdy, CEO of Ilika.