JUSTIN, TX—Canoo Inc. plans to shift production of its modular electric vehicles from Europe to the United States. It plans to begin assembling products at a new plant in Pryor, OK, in late 2023.

"We will be 100 percent built in the heartland of America, and we have proudly achieved another major milestone of having sourced 96 percent of our parts from U.S. and allied nations,” says Tony Aquila, CEO of Canoo. “[We have] ceased contract manufacturing discussions with VDL Nedcar with the completion of our manufacturing strategy, which accelerates our ability to access our incentives from Oklahoma and Arkansas.

“The outcome of this will be reduced supply chain vulnerabilities and increased speed to market for our customers,” claims Aquila. “[Our] mission is to bring EVs to everyone.”

According to Aquila, Canoo has developed “breakthrough electric vehicles that are reinventing the automotive landscape with bold innovations in design, pioneering technologies and a unique business model that spans the full lifecycle of the vehicle.”