AURORA, ON—Magna International Inc. has developed a four-wheel drive electric power train system for pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles. EtelligentForce is designed to maintain full vehicle capabilities without compromising payload or towing capacities.
EtelligentForce features Magna’s eDrive technology at the front and its eBeam electrified beam axle at the rear. It is designed for high-payload vehicles capable of towing up to 14,500 pounds, which is comparable to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) trucks. It provides a total peak power of up to 430 kilowatts from the rear eBeam and 180 kilowatts from the front eDrive. The eBeam will also replace traditional beam axles and accommodates existing suspension and brake systems, which will enable OEMs to avoid the need to redesign existing truck platforms.
“These benefits [will] help automakers simplify the transition toward electrification of these vehicle segments,” says Tom Rucker, president of Magna Powertrain. “With fewer moving parts than a traditional ICE power train, the EtelligentForce requires less maintenance, a direct benefit to truck owners over the life of the vehicle.
“EtelligentForce comes at a pivotal time—particularly in the North American auto industry, where pickup trucks are at their height of popularity and one of the last segments to become fully electric,” explains Rucker. “The beauty of this powerful system is that it delivers the environmental benefits of an electric power train while maintaining the capability and utility of conventional trucks.”