GALESBURG, MI—Eaton Corp.’s Vehicle Group has formed a new ePowertrain business unit that will focus on transmission, reduction gearing and differential products for electric vehicle applications.

“Automakers face many challenges when developing an EV powertrain, such as optimizing efficiency, weight, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), and dealing with packaging constraints,” says Anthony Cronin, product director for EV gearing and differentials at Eaton’s Vehicle Group. “[We] can help manufacturers overcome these challenges by utilizing our many years of experience and in-house capabilities in design, validation and manufacturing of high-precision, high-quality gearing, transmissions and differentials.”

According to Cronin, Eaton’s EV transmissions are based on proven, robust and efficient layshaft architecture typical of traditional ICE automated manual transmissions. Shifting is synchronized without a clutch using a traction motor. The transmissions feature a lightweight countershaft gearbox that boasts a range of torque capacities and electric gearshift actuation, allowing use of smaller electric motors.

“Our new ePowertrain business unit can provide our customers with an optimized, integrated EV power train, which will help simplify their engineering development process,” claims Cronin. “We will work with our global customers to determine the ideal combination of transmission, gearing and torque solutions that best meet their EV needs.”