KITCHENER, ON—Christie Digital Systems USA Inc. is using robots to automate assembly of its MicroTile LEDs at its new factory here. The robots have tripled output of the line.

MicroTile LEDs can be combined to create LED-based video walls. 

“In production and manufacturing, there is a tendency to outsource automation,” says Shawn Mills, director of display engineering at Christie. “By designing and building our new automation line using our in-house engineering experts, we’ve not only increased our manufacturing capabilities, but we’ve also ensured we are ready for the next stage of growth. As a result, the new space incorporates best-in-class practices, including vertical integration, which ensures we build the highest quality product for our customers.”

Christie installed two new pick-and-place robots have been installed to perform repetitive, low-level tasks, including moving tiles from conveyors quickly and efficiently. This allows Christie’s highly trained manufacturing staff to focus on more advanced tasks.

Mills is excited for the future and the versatility of the team. “We can now invest even more in what’s called design for manufacturing, a process used in higher volume industries, like automotive,” he says. “On the team, we have people that build and design the product and then naturally shift to designing the automation as an extension of this process. This gives the company a huge advantage, because we can control much more of the value-chain, and we can be innovative not only in the design of the product, but also the process of creating that product. It’s as important how we make our products as what we’re making.”

With the new automated assembly line, Christie can increase production of MicroTile LEDs without compromising on quality. “We measure every LED as they come off the line, and we make sure they hit very tight tolerances,” says Mills.