CARLSBAD, CA—Aptera Motors Corp. will be assembling its three-wheel solar-powered electric car here using automated guided vehicles supplied by RedViking.

According to Chris Anthony, CEO of Aptera, the mobile production platform is versatile and flexible. Because there are no building modifications required, he says changes can happen quickly.

“This AGV technology will enable [us] to expand [our] efficiency-first ethos to the manufacturing cycle,” claims Anthony. “At Aptera, we are reinventing transportation, going where no other automaker has gone before.

Likewise, RedViking is innovating beyond the status quo, ushering in Manufacturing 4.0. We are proud to partner with a like-minded company as we push past what others deem impossible

Aptera’s carbon-fiber composite body will be covered in 3 square meters of solar cells. At least 90 percent of the power produced by the solar panels will go toward propelling the vehicle. Boasting 100 watt hours per mile, Anthony says the car will be “the most efficient vehicle on the planet

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies will be providing in-wheel motors. Aptera will be building battery packs in-house using lithium-ion cells produced by EVE Energy Co.

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