At many manufacturers, continuous improvement experts are merely fixing problems that should have been avoided in the first place. They are essentially doing process development rework. How much better would it be if the process were designed to be lean from the get-go? That is the premise of the new book, The Power of Process, A Story of Lean Process Development by Matt Zayko and Eric Ethington.

Discover facets of lean manufacturing process development from the experts and co-authors of the book, The Power of Process, A Story of Lean Process Development, published in October 2021 by Productivity Press. From discussing their "6CON" framework for process development to lean manufacturing advice, get an inside perspective from two experts with over sixty years of experience.  

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Lean Manufacturing Experts and Co-Authors, Matt Zayko and Eric Ethington on The Power of Process

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Video Part 2: The -6 Con Model for Process Development in Matt Zayko and Eric Ethington's Book, The Power of Process: A Story of Innovative Lean Process Development